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Welcome to the Property Management page of

Near Me Property Management.


Shannon DiMare is the Property Manager. That's who you get when you call 928-542-2495. Tony DiMare is the Broker. Tony is the guy that does the showings, inspections, walk-throughs and meets the contractors. Tony started the property management division for Along The River Properties way back in October 2008, when he recognized the shift in the market. Then he built it up to a size that he needed help. Shannon then got her license in 2010. In 2019 Tony got his brokers license in preperation to start their own management company. Covid Pause........ In October of 2022, Tony and Shannon opened Near Me Property Management.

We wanted a company that is hands on and in person. No remote work, one of us meets potential tenants at EVERY SHOWING. We are open 5 days a week to meet and talk to in person. Saturday and Sunday by appointment. We do showings on the weekends. We answer the phone OR return phone calls if you leave a message (pending T-Mobile reliability?)

We wanted to build a company that was not out to become a corporate giant built from over charging owners and tenants. We want to stay a family run business. We have very clear pricing that is some of the lowest in the industry.


How much do you charge?

We have different pricing options.

Property management services:

We have several different pricing structures that depend on how many units you have, if you want FULL SEVICE, PARTIAL SERVICE, TENANT PLACEMENT ONLY, RENT COLLECTION ONLY. We do not add to the repair cost, we do not charge any advertising fee, and we do not charge for delivering a 5 day notice.

Tenant placement only service:

We market your property, show your property, screen the tenants, produce the lease agreement and then do the move-in walkthrough with the tenant on your behalf. After that we turn it over to you. This cost is one months worth of rent. $1200 Minimum.

Do you screen the tenants?

Yes we use an online service that checks for criminal history, eviction history and a credit check. Plus we check employment history.

Do you add cost to repairs?


What type of advertising do you do?

We do random newspaper ads, yard signs, FaceBbook,, cross promotion and our website is syndicated to different websites.

How long till you get my place rented?

We do not have a crystal ball. Sometimes fast sometimes not. Mostly depends on who is looking for what, price and location. Tenants need to make 3 times the rent gross income. This sometimes shrinks the pool of tenants if the price of the rental is too high.

I only want a certain type of person living in my place, Is that OK?

NO we strictly follow Fair Housing LAW.

How much rent can my place get?

We will give your our opinion of a range that you can expect.

Can you come over and look at it?

Absolutely! We can come over and give your our opinion of what it would rent for, what repairs you may need, any safety hazards and possible any upgrades that would benefit your property. All of that with no charge. If you have already signed the property management agreement, we may be able to come over to do our inspection, put the sign up, put the lockbox on the door, and take all of the photos. One trip and done!

Can you direct deposit my payments?

Absolutely. We offer Electronic Fund Transfers at no cost to you the owner.

Will you inspect the property every week, month or year?

We do one annual inspection prior to the tenant renewing their lease to check for any things that may need attention, specifically but not limited to plumbing connections for sink, toilets, washer and water heater..

How do you handle evictions?

We use Anderson Law Office.  These cost are paid by the Owner until the case is settled then we would use the tenants deposits.

What utilities do I have to pay?

If your rental property is within Bullhead City limits you would have to pay for TRASH. You would also have to pay for any monthly HOA dues.  If you have a pool or extensive landscaping we recommend that you pay for the monthly upkeep.

Are there any other costs?

We take out a $300 repair deposit out of the first months rent incase of any minor repairs. You get this back or whatever is left of it when you are no longer under contract with us.

Call Shannon DiMare if you have any more questions. 928-542-2495